Great British Spring Clean – 24 March 2018

Please see below the proposed routes for the Great British Spring Clean Litter Pick on Saturday 24th March.

A few pointers to be mindful of:


  • Suitable clothing and footwear MUST be worn
  •  We have a limited supply of gloves so if you have a pair please bring along
  •  Hi-Viz as above we have a limited number so if you have anything please wear.

Event Info

  • As this is a nationally organised event it if key that we litter pick together and bring all bags to one collection point, this is for the purposes of counting etc.
  • Many people are offering to litter pick small areas nearby their properties – again as this is an organised event it is very important that we all meet together at the village hall at 09:30 for a safety briefing.
  • Zones will be allocated to people – ideally by preference for everyone. If you wish to meet at village hall and then drive to a suitable and safe location near to the litter pick zone please do so.

So to clarify…

  • 09:15 – 09:30 – meet @ Village Hall – all participants must attend the safety briefing and equipment collection.
  • Suitable clothing and footwear to be worn
  •  Zones will be allocated – hopefully each zone will have a minimum team of 4
  • Children MUST be supervised at all times and will NOT be permitted on the embankment
  • Once your zone is complete, drop rubbish bags off and equipment off at St Barnabas Church Hall (in allocated area) and TEXT Rachael stating Zone number is complete.


24th March Great British Spring Clean Up

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