Date Updated 24/05/2021

On this site you will find the latest planning applications and decisions made in Barnetby le Wold.

The Parish Council has no executive powers in deciding planning applications, this is the duty of North Lincolnshire council, which is the Planning Authority.

However, it is mandatory for the Planning Authority to consult the Parish Council on all applications in its area.  The Parish Council can then comment as it sees fit on any application; however, the Planning Authority can disregard these comments if it considers them to be inappropriate.

North Lincolnshire council  offers a range of on-line planning services, including a searchable planning application database, which can be accessed via the North Lincolnshire Council planning webpage.

New Planning Applications

Application No: PA/2021/550
Proposal: Outline planning permission to erect two dwellings with appearance and scale reserved for subsequent consideration
Site Location: The Sawmill, Access road to Low Wood Lodge, Barnetby le Wold, DN38 6HG
Applicant: Mr Mike Godfrey
Case Officer: Mark Niland
Consultation End Date 28 May 2021


Application No: PA/2021/759
Proposal: Planning permission to erect a single-storey rear extension
Site Location: 8 South Street, Barnetby Le Wold, DN38 6JN
Applicant: Mrs Rebecca Henderson
Case Officer: Jessica Pacey
Consultation End Date 26 May 2021

Decided Planning Applications

Decision Non-material amendment
Reference PPA/2021/944
Proposed Development Application for a non-material amendment to PA/2017/1366 namely to change four stable windows to three stable doors, install window to the side of utility door, reduce the size of the bi-folding doors to two patio doors and remove window from the side dining room
Date Valid 12 May 2021
Decision Date 9 June 2021
Decision Full Planning Permission with conditions
Reference PA/2021/142
Proposed Development Planning permission to erect a front and rear ground floor extension and raise the roof line to create a first floor in the roof space
Date Valid 27 January 2021
Decision Date 10 May 2021

Planning Committee Notifications