The 2023 Parish Council Elections have been held on 04 May 2023.

The Elected Councillors that will form the Parish Council are:

Cllr Barry Baker  – Chair of the Parish Council, 29 Queens Road Barnetby

Cllr Ajay Vora – Vice Chair of the Parish Council – 27 St Barnabas Road Barnetby

Cllr Kathy Booker – 15 Kings Road Barnetby

Cllr Wendy Broughton – Allendale House, Ferneries Lane, Barnetby

Cllr Maggie Hoggard – 6 West Street, Barnetby

Cllr Sue Huck – 41 Woodland View, Barnetby

Cllr Steven Knill – 41 Woodland View, Barnetby

Cllr Helen Munn – Address in North Lincolnshire

Cllr Alison Thomas – 30 West Street, Barnetby

Cllr David Wells – Peace Villa, 21 Kings Road, Barnetby

The Register of Councillor Interests can be found on the North Lincolnshire Council Website: Democracy | (