There are currently 9 members of the parish council and 2 vacancies.

Enquiries about the vacancies and details of how to apply to become a parish councillor can be obtained by contacting the clerk to the council

The Register of Interests for the parish councillors below can be found at


Cllr Phil Asquith

Councillor Phil Asquith (Chairman)
Mill Farm, Melton Ross Road, Barnetby, DN38 6EB
Tel: 07971 540 411


Councillor Keith Beacroft

Cllr. Vic BownessCouncillor Vic Bowness




Cllr. Tony Lawson MBECouncillor Tony Lawson MBE




Cllr Maria MonksCouncillor Maria Monks
Tel: 01652 680031



Cllr Helen MunnCouncillor Helen Munn

Tel: 07910 300520



Cllr. John SpeyerCouncillor John Speyer

01652 680604



Cllr David WellsCouncillor David Wells
Peace Villa, 21 Kings Road, Barnetby, DN38 6HF
Tel: 01652 688775 Mob: 07766 492 081


Cllr. Mick WilsonCouncillor Mick Wilson
01652 688733